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Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Domestic Cleaners - Jeyes, Kleenoff, Mr Muscle, Stain Devils, Dendrone Isan, Dettol, Glade
HG products - cleaning
HG 1lt patio cleaner
HG plastic garden furniture cleaner
HG plastic garden furniture restore
HG 500ml rust remover
HG stain away 6
HG stain away 7
HG stain away mildew
HG water repellent textiles
HG oven grill bbq cleaner
HG ceramic hobb daily clean
HG ceramic hobb thorough clean
HG brilliant descaler
HG kitchen enzyme unblocker
HG grease away
HG steel polish
HG stainless steel quick shine
HG bath shine
HG blue .5l
HG drain unblocker
HG mould spray
HG scale away
HG shower spray
HG shower shield
HG hygenic whirlpool cleaner
HG graffiti remover
HG green slime remover
HG hand cleansing gel
HG parquet pe polish
HG parquet wash & shine
HG cotto clean & shine 1l
HG 4 in 1 leather
HG deep clean for leather
HG water repellent leather
HG beeswax brown
HG beeswax white
HG beeswax yellow
HG furniture wax remover
HG liquid antique wax brown
HG liquid antique wax yellow
HG meubeline
HG glass & mirror spray
HG interior spray multi clean
HG plastic paint paper int clean
HG sticker remover
HG paint prep super cleaner
HG stain away 1
HG stain away 2
HG stain away 3
HG stain away 4
HG stain away 5
HG extra 1l
HG golvpolish 1l
HG grout cleaner
HG limex 1l
HG permanent anti-slip
HG wax polish & dirt remover 1l
HG silicon seal remover
HG spot stain remover
HG superfloor 1l
HG wall grout protect
HG laminate spray
HG laminate gloss coating
HG laminate powerful clean
HG laminate wash & shine
HG headstone clean spray
HG marble bathroom clean .5l
HG top protector 100ml
HG carpet & upholstery clean
HG chewing gum remover
HG spot & stain spray
HG vinyl clean & shine
HG vinyl & lino gloss coat
HG vinyl gloss coat remover
HG floor grout super protector

WHEELERS Natural Wax Producs:

WHEELERS Natural wax wooden floor polish
Beeswax furniture cream

Antiquax Original:

A superior polish developed by blending the world’s finest waxes, including carnauba and beeswax. It is easy to apply and creates a soft sheen while repelling fingerprints and dust. Penetrates and nourishes the wood. Safe for use with all finishes.

If it's not part of our regular stock - just ask: we can probably order it in!