Heating by H. & A.R. Ellis
of Aberystwyth
Gardening, Kitchenware, Locks, Tools, Plumbing and so much more..

Keep snug with our range of heating solutions including: Gas, Parafin & Electrical

Gas Fires:

Gas Heater
Calor - completely portable (Fuled by 12kg butane cylinders)

Electric Fires:

Electric Heater
Including Convector heaters, Fans heaters & Halogen heaters

Paraffin fires:

Paraffin Heater
Paraffin Heater
Inverter - completely portable Advanced Parafifin Heaters

We also stock:

Gas cylinders - butane 12 kg
Paraffin - 4L

For Solid Fuel fires:

Caramic Fire Bricks = fire backs & fire cheaks
Cast Iron Fireplace Baskets = Grates / Stool
Fire Guards = Fire Screens

Coal Hods (Galvanized or Black)
Coal Shovels (Galvanized or Black)
Fireplace Cleaning Products

Fire Lighters
Firewood - Kindling

If it's not part of our regular stock - just ask: we can probably order it in!